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Allsands Truck Dumping  Sand

    Quality sand, top soil, & gravel for the Hobart area

    Do you need a reliable supplier of sand, gravel, or other base products?

    Does your construction project demand a large amount of sand, gravel, or soil? Are you a professional landscaper, builder, or home handyman in need of supplies or sand for your project?

    Products we offer

    Here at Allsands, we offer our clients a great selection of sand and other supplies required for your garden. These include:

    • Bricklaying Sand (Brown & White)
    • Sharp Sand (Brown & White)
    • Bedding Sand, Coarse Sand, Render Sand
    • Screened Loam, Fertilised Loam
    • Veggie Mix
    • Blue Metal
    • Red Gravel
    • Tassie Gold (Decorative Gravel)
    • Arena Sand
    Whatever the case, Allsands has the supplies you need.  Our hard working team can provide sands, soil, and other materials required for your building work or garden today!

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    We have been involved in the bricklaying sand business for over 40 years. Allsands is dedicated to helping our customers to the best of our ability. We offer the best quality products at the best rates for pick up or delivery to all areas.

    Address:  Shark Point Rd, Penna, TAS 7171

    Phone:  (03) 6265 2343

    Email:  info@allsands.com.


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    Shark Point Rd Penna TAS 7171

    T - (03) 6265 2343


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